I am an Arizona based photographer who started as a hobbyist to take photographs of the amazing views in Arizona. I have learned that I constantly needed to improve my techniques as time and technology changes of how I take a photographs. As time passed, I wanted to display my work so I created this website of my recent Arizona creations.


My main focus has always been landscape, travel type photography and cars but as my daughter got older, she got into equestrian Hunter events. This struck a new photography perspective as I came to see how amazing horses are. When you see them, they have a strong display of size and strength yet have the gentlest of souls.


I also enjoy shooting airplanes, hot air balloons, cityscapes, and architecture. When I’m not working my regular day job, I am out exploring locations around the growing cities of Arizona that is home to some of the most wonderful landscape, whether desert or mountain view, some of the most amazing wild horses - all surrounded around beautiful city skylines. 


I hope you enjoy my work seeing Arizona from my eyes and through my lens!